Last Thursday, 24th November 2016, we launched our new company Platinum FM into the Facility Management market. The event was held at the RACV Club in Melbourne and was attended by over 80 business and industry leaders.

Steve Taylor, Managing Director of Platinum FM, spoke about the six key reasons why the company has been established:

  1. We believe there is a need to put the “M” back into FM which has arguably been diluted over recent years.
  2. FM is our core and only business and this will be a differentiator in the market.
  3. Most FM companies have emerged from other disciplines such as construction, corporate real estate, labour hire, catering etc. and drifted into FM over time, however fundamentally it is not their core business.
  4. The founders of Platinum FM have FM in their DNA and will work to employ only capable and skilled people.
  5. We will be a truly customer centric organisation.
  6. We will adopt low-cost technology solutions together with applying strategic FM smarts to re-calibrate the market.

He concluded his speech by saying “Platinum FM’s mantra” will be dedicated to making a difference in the marketplace. We will offer a genuine alternative to the larger FM companies. We will continue to support and show strong leadership across the industry. We will build an inclusive and diverse company that is innovative and fully engaged with our customers and whilst we deliver strategic value we will operate at a low-cost base that will disrupt the traditional way in which FM has been delivered”.

Read Steve Taylor’s launch speech.

Platinum FM has also secured a Community Partnership with Guide Dogs Victoria who were represented by their inspirational CEO Karen Hayes and companion “Willow”.

Nick Rix, Sue Pridmore, Guide Dogs Victoria CEO Karen Hayes and Steve Taylor

Nick Rix, Sue Pridmore, Guide Dogs Victoria CEO Karen Hayes and Steve Taylor

Some photos of guests enjoying themselves on the evening:

Sue Pridmore with "Willow" from Guide Dogs Victoria