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Platinum FM has designed and developed a bespoke technology platform entitled INFORM. The solution uses the latest technology to enable more efficient and effective workflows, as well as the ability to measure service levels against agreed KPIs.

 The main components to the solution include:

  • Work orders are generated electronically by any team member through a dedicated web portal. Or the customer can call the dedicated 1300 number and the work request will be logged on their behalf.
  • All work types are scripted so the appropriate priority can be given to the work. This is tailored to meet customer requirements. The approach ensures that planned and reactive works for similar services e.g., electrical are bundled appropriately to minimise call out costs, whilst ensuring service levels are maintained.
  • The customer receives regular updates via email and/ or SMS on the status of the work.
  • The reporting functionality allows either the customer or Platinum FM to monitor works in real time and the system will generate the required monthly reports without manual intervention. This saves the team time and is cost effective. It also allows the on-site team to review service levels in real time and to intervene if required, to ensure service levels are met in the most cost-effective manner.
  • The application has an asset management capability and holds thousands of assets, which can be reported against, with budgets and lifecycle costs being analysed and reported against, to meet the customer’s needs.